Our mission...

We’re the lucky ones. The ones who, once upon a time, let a furry stranger into our homes and before long, into our hearts as well. Now we can’t imagine anyone we’d rather share our life, bed, and money with! We celebrate their birthdays, buy them treats “just because”, and give in to (literal) puppy dog eyes more often than we care to admit. We can’t help it: our kids have paws and we’re proud dog moms!

Puptown Girl Box is a curated monthly subscription box that celebrates modern dog moms and the special bonds we have with the dogs in our lives. If you’ve been called a crazy dog lady, it’s time to embrace it: we may fight a losing battle with dog hair, but we’ve got style!

A Puptown Girl believes that life should be lived well, from the friendships she cultivates to the trips she takes, to how she accessorizes herself and decorates her home. She believes in spoiling herself and her best fur-friend, but she also loves to give back to causes that touch her heart. The Puptown Girl Box supports each of these by providing goodies for you and your favourite dog, all in one monthly subscription box, and by donating a portion of the profits of each box to a different dog rescue each month.

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